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Muhammad Bilal

University of Chester

"CBLA showed me the pathway. Information was absolutely honest, clear and conclusive. I wouldn't have ever expected a better support. The admission and visa procedure got over for me within a couple of weeks and when I arrived in the UK and spent a few days, I just had the picture already in mind - that because of CBLA. I sincerely thank them for the treat........."

Sammar Javed

University of Duisburg-Essen
Masters in Computer

"I was referred to CBLA by one of my friends and that was it. They helped from selecting the University through to arranging my accomodation where I first landed on a foreign soil. Germany is fantastic and I never thought I would make it here. CBLA's support is the only thing that helped me in coming here. "

Masood Ahmed

Australian College of
Sport & Fitness :
Sports Management

"Being an athlete and hoping to study sports management is a difficult understanding. I was always interested sports management. CBLA helped me identify the best programmes, and Sydney remains one of the best choices in Australia. I was amongst the only 16 students from world over who got through the programme. All thanks to the CBLA team. I have enjoyed the process literally."

Fareeha Bashir

Taishan Medical University

"CBLA just helped me over the phone to get through with my procedures and made it look too easy. I always wanted to come to China for my MBBS and I am very happy being at Taishan Medical University........."


Imran Khursheed

Bucks University

"Coming to United Kingdom was on my minds since ages and when I met CBLA team, it was a reality. I am now studying at the Bucks University and I am very pleased. Thanks CBLA........



Students Speak

Rusty Div Bot

""CBLA made me apply to LSE. That was enough. They had complete information on how to go about the application process, what may be reviewed carefully in my profile, how to present the complete profile. Hardly, any consultants I went to carried so much of useful information and further, one needs help too. CBLA was there all the way and I thank the team for helping me study at one of the best Universities there could ever be, LSE" "

Tayyiba Irum
MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


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