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Quick Facts and Some Wise Suggestions:

  • Difficulty Levels: GMAT is a computer adaptive test and thus, the level of difficulty of questions increases if you are doing well and decreases if you are not doing well

  • Skipping Questions: You cannot skip any questions. You cannot go back to previous questions. Be doubly sure of what you wish to answer

  • Importance of Questions: First few questions are very important as your raw scores fluctuate a lot in the beginning. Towards the end, the scoring system is relatively less sensitive. Hence, while all questions are important, the first 10 to 15 questions in each section are relatively more important

  • Attempt All Questions: On GMAT, you are penalized more for not attempting questions than for incorrectly answering them. Therefore, ensure to attempt all questions. And if you are running short of time, make sure to randomly mark all the questions

  • Know Your Universities Beforehand: Before you start with the test, you will be asked to name five schools to which your GMAT scores are supposed to be forwarded. For every additional school, you need to pay US $28. Hence, please be prepared with name of five schools to which you would like to forward your score (Really, you should be finishing your counseling before you do the test. This would save you some money)

  • Retaking GMAT Test: Not a very wise idea! Avoid multiple attempts please. You would be wasting US $250 each time. More importantly, GMAC sends all scores of GMAT attempts in last 5 years, to your selected schools. Thus, your University will know that you have been trying and not doing better perhaps

  • Cancel Your Score: After you finish your test, the system would ask you whether you would like to see your score. If you are certain that you have messed up in the test, you can select 'not' to see the results. In such a case, your test would be deleted and no score would be sent to any schools

  • Dummy Questions: Nearly 20% to 30% questions that you see on GMAT would be dummy questions and you would not be scored on them. However, there is no way to identify such questions and you should attempt all questions with equal seriousness

  • Scratch Paper: You are not allowed to bring any sheets of paper to the GMAT test center but are provided scratch paper by the center. You should make effective use of this to make quick notes for yourself or for solving math questions

GMAT Test Tips (Quick Tips):

  • Be more cautious in the first 10 questions. But note that each question is important

  • Do not get stuck with on one question for too long. Don't let few difficult questions on GMAT decide the fate of your entire score

  • If you believe that the questions are difficult, you are doing well. Thumb rule! Enjoy the test

  • If you think that you are not doing well, simply stop and relax for a minute or two. Take a deep breath and start afresh; stop regretting

  • Make sure to attempt all questions

  • Take all breaks. Carry something to eat with you (like juice and / or chocolates). It is a long test. It is meant to test you

  • Test environment generally makes one nervous. Concentration with a relaxed attitude is the key

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Entrance Tests

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