About Us

CBLA specializes in guiding and recruiting eligible students to diverse and distinguished Universities and Colleges.

About Us

About Us

Alright we know there is much to speak about us! It’s nice to know that you are interested......

CBLA is an overseas education consultancy advising students wishing to study abroad. ‘Total Solution’ for students remains at the core. That means helping you right from the start when you probably do not know whether to study, what to study, where to study, how do you go about the process and beyond.

CBLA provides counselling services for studying in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Malaysia, United States, Cyprus and Germany. We also cater to some top design courses in Italy, some top engineering courses in Germany, some top ranked MBAs in Spain, Cyprus and more (mostly that are found in the Top Rankings).

CBLA is dedicated to providing the required direction to students from short-listing right Universities / Colleges to making University applications, liaising with Universities on admission decisions, finalising admissions, visa guidance and other free value-added services like assisting with scholarships, financial aid, education loans, selecting the accommodation, buying forex, and even ticketing so that several students can fly together. We mean – we provide a ‘Total Solution’ truly.

We are personal in our services and are happy spending time with our students – no matter what your study related questions are. Scholarship / financial aid assistance is our expertise and invariably each year you will find many of our students achieving the same. Most importantly, we celebrate our students’ success!

And do not forget, we also provide coaching for GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL and we are very good at it.


Some quick points for you to review are as follows:

  • CBLA was established in the year 2008 by two UK Management Graduates, Sarim Zahoor and Amir Sohail. Both have extensively travelled across the globe, visiting many Universities
  • CBLA is the authorised representative of a large number of foreign Universities and Colleges. At CBLA, students get the unique opportunity to meet several University / College representatives and officials and get the opportunity to speak to them directly
  • CBLA has counselled 1000s of students and is continuing
  • CBLA provides a ‘Total Solution’ – right from coaching for GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL to short-listing Universities, editing essays / SOPs, admissions, visa guidance, and a host of other free value-added services
  • CBLA has study plans for students with all financial backgrounds and budgets. Some of our students have joined some of the topmost programs in the world to some priced at only Rs 10 lacs a year
  • CBLA offers solutions to students wishing to study at almost all levels: A Levels, Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Fast-track Bachelors (in 2 years), PG Diploma, MBA (with or without work experience), Masters (MS / MA / MSc) and Research (MPhil, PhD)
  • Students at CBLA often refer to the exhaustive information sources like brochures, prospectuses, CDs, application forms, samples of SOPs, recommendation letters, etc.
  • CBLA has the authority to recommend many Universities to waive students’ IELTS / TOEFL requirement
  • CBLA has a 98% visa success rate


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Students Speak

Rusty Div Bot

""CBLA made me apply to LSE. That was enough. They had complete information on how to go about the application process, what may be reviewed carefully in my profile, how to present the complete profile. Hardly, any consultants I went to carried so much of useful information and further, one needs help too. CBLA was there all the way and I thank the team for helping me study at one of the best Universities there could ever be, LSE" "

Tayyiba Irum
MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

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